Review: Rituals

A critical review of the game Rituals.

Let’s mix up little drink, shall we? Grab one part Myst, mix in one part Half-Life, add a dash of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and stir with a one-man development team. Voila, we now have Rituals. Drink up.

Rituals is a short-form first-person adventure game created by Tymon Zgainski, a developer from Edinburgh, Scotland. Before going into the review and saying nice and not so nice things about Tymon’s creation, I want to preface that I am in awe and a proponent of single-developer creations, and believe that no matter the quality of the product, there is always something special about a game created by a single person from beginning to end. I have done this and recognize how difficult it can be. So regardless of how critical this review is, know that I applaud Tymon for doing something so few can.

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