You have stumbled upon a page of twisty little games, all different. Below are pictures, links, and descriptions to all the games I’ve had a hand in over the past few years. Most even have downloads if you dare a temporary sojourn into the worlds I envision.

Every one of these means something special to me on some level, and I more than welcome thoughts and comments — friendly or otherwise.

Thelyphron’s Vigil

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Released: June 2017
Genre: Interactive Fiction
Roles: Lead Design, Writer, Programmer

This is a Twine game I made for a Classics class, and my first foray into Twine and using JavaScript. The tale is based on an excerpt from “The Golden Ass” by Apuleius, and may be difficult to follow if one has not read the novel.

Thelyphron’s Vigil can be played here.

P.O.N.G. ( Prejudiced One-Sided Nonsymmetrical Game)

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Released: March 2016
Genre: Arcade
Roles: Lead Design, Primary Artist, Programmer

P.O.N.G. is a Pong-clone I created for an Asian-American studies course that uses a modified version of the progenitor of all video games. It is intentionally asymmetrical – the “white” side having serious advantage over the “yellow” side. It is an art game with a political message, and is not intended to be fun in the standard usage of the word. P.O.N.G. was created in Unity.

P.O.N.G. can be downloaded here.


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Released: June 2014
Genre: RPG
Roles: Lead Design, Primary Artist, Composer, Level Design, Writer

A labor of love and my favorite completed game world, Veek is a short-form RPG I created during a month-long period for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest hosted by Degica. It was created in RPG Maker VX Ace, with original art assets created using Photoshop and Game Character Hub. My co-developer and I were later contacted by Degica to have the game published.

Veek can be downloaded here.

If you want the soundtrack to Veek, just let me know and I can send the album.

Eli’s Escape


Released: May 2014
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
Roles: Lead Design, Writer, Concept Artist, Level Design

My first completed project and proof-of-concept, Eli’s Escape is a puzzle platformer designed for Android that I created along with the assistance of a small team at Indiana University, Bloomington. Eli’s Escape was created using Cocos2d.

The APK for Eli’s Escape can be downloaded here. (File must be downloaded to an Android phone or played in a desktop Android emulator.)